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Real Estate

CCG’s Real Estate Group focuses on the ownership and development of high quality properties across all major asset classes.

We leverage our expertise to:

  • Carry out prudent and accretive acquisitions
  • Increase the value of properties through proactive asset management
  • Participate in low-risk developments through specialized financing techniques

CCG acts on behalf of itself, various separate accounts, and commingled investment funds in strategically acquiring properties across all major asset classes in select U.S. markets. We welcome investment submissions by property owners or their representatives and will respond quickly to all requests.

Equity Joint Venture
CCG joint ventures with experienced and financially sound owners to pursue acquisition, development, and value added real estate investments. The firm offers a number of competitive structures (as an investor and institutional advisor), that provide property owners with substantial equity capitalization.

Private Equity Funds
CCG’s private equity funds allow investors the opportunity to participate in ownership of some of the finest properties in the U.S. Each fund is designed to maximize investor value through the strategic acquisition, development, and management of income producing properties. Class specific funds allow investors interested in a limited segment, (i.e. commercial office) the opportunity to participate solely in the market of choice. Hybrid funds allow for greater diversification and investors the opportunity to own properties across the multi-family, commercial office, and industrial segments. Please contact us for a current list of funds.

Advisory Services
CCG’s Real Estate Group works with developers, trusts, property owners, public institutions, and investors to facilitate the acquisition, disposition, and development of real estate nationwide. The firm is distinguished by the creativity it brings to transaction structures and investment opportunities.