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Edward Norwood, Jr.

Edward Norwood, Jr.Director of Public Finance, Comer Capital Group

Edward Norwood, Jr. is Director of Public & Corporate Finance at Comer Capital Group, LLC., bringing a decade of banking and public finance experience to the firm. Throughout his career, Mr. Norwood has worked on cash flow programs, economic development and redevelopment projects, infrastructure and equipment acquisitions, and capital plans.

Prior to Comer Capital Group, Mr. Norwood was Assistant Vice President at Trustmark National Bank where he was underwrote and managed client relationships for approximately $550M in public fund assets and liabilities across Mississippi. From 2007 through 2010, his clientele included both governmental and quasi-governmental entities at the local, state and federal levels. His governmental clientele included large and small municipalities, counties, public school districts, institutions of higher learning, and urban redevelopment districts. Mr. Norwood has completed bonds, leases and notes for general obligation, tax anticipation, revenue shortfall, tax incremental finance, urban renewal, and energy efficiency obligations for short and long-term borrowings.

He has worked with individual issuers, multiple issuers, special assessment districts, and public/private partnerships as well as with obligations with local, state, and/or federal repayment sources. In addition to working in public finance, he has held positions in other finance capacities including commercial and retail banking, treasury management, and mortgage pricing/trading.

Mr. Norwood is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Millsaps College in Economics and Business Administration/Finance. He is a graduate of the University Of Mississippi School Of Banking, and a member of the Alumni Board of Millsaps College. He is a former treasurer of the Young Democrats of Mississippi and Urban League of Greater Jackson. Mr. Norwood will complete his MBA studies from the Michigan Ross School of Business in April 2018.