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Venture Capital

CCG Venture Capital partners with talented, focused entrepreneurs building enduring businesses across a broad range of sectors. In considering new investments, our process begins with an understanding that fundraising consumes a significant amount of time. Therefore, we at CCG work hard reviewing business plans in a timely manner and our team performs expeditiously to determine our level of interest.

Our goals are to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses rapidly, become profitable, be self-sustaining, sell their businesses, or attract growth financing. CCG works closely with entrepreneurs prior of their initial financing. We’re there to assist in the finding and developing of a product or services market fit. Our team aligns itself with entrepreneurs to help negotiate and secure the right growth investors, buyers and partners for the lifetime of the business. CCG Venture Capital wants entrepreneurs to build great companies, not VCs.

CCG plays an active investor role in portfolio companies. As a board member in our investments, CCG assists the management team in setting strategy, structuring the growing organization, finding key personnel, assisting with financial planning, raising additional capital to support growth and gaining liquidity for the investment at the appropriate time. At CCG Venture Capital, our investment philosophy is centered squarely on the entrepreneurs with whom we partner. Our firm is attracted to entrepreneurs who possess strong leadership characteristics, and who also exhibit flexibility and a willingness to hear new ideas. In addition to capital, CCG’s goal is to provide energy, connections and domain expertise to strong entrepreneurs to help them succeed. Since most growing companies face business plan challenges, require management additions, and need to raise follow-up capital, our team is prepared to assist every step of the way.