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Public Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships have become an “essential tool” in the U.S. government’s “development toolbox” to help the country meet the challenges of the 21st century.

CCG’s P3 Team has a track record of working with federal government agencies as well as state and local governments in a collaborative effort to address the development needs of our nation’s communities.

Downtown Development
CCG is committed to the restoration of the structures in downtown USA. Our innovative approach to downtown investment and rehabilitation allow for premium returns while ridding our downtown districts of blighted property.

Affordable Housing
As a syndicator of federal low-income housing tax credits, CCG originates investment funds that bring together investors and experienced developers to address the affordable housing needs of low-income families, seniors and special needs citizens. CCG also works with local governments as a Public/Private Partner to address the affordable housing needs of the community through special financing techniques.

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